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The reason is most likely due to a Windows Update that restricted access to certain ports on Windows machines. The details are here . You can view a list of which ports are excluded from your user by running this command:.

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  • . -cdmport <port> Set the CDM remote monitoring port (default is 3333). You can also specify <ip_addr:port> if you have a secure VPN connection and want to. 1 day ago · "Smart Mining detects your CPU usage, and if your CPU is idle and you aren't on battery power, it The moment you install the miner app on your smartphone, you can start Not enough memory to mine ethash at epoch 414. Another possible problem is that all instances will use the default CDM remote port 3333, which will To fix this problem, use the -cdmport command-line option to change the CDM remote port form its This statistic is meaningless in the first few hours after the miner is started and will level off to the real.

    Unable to start cdm server at port 3333

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    Mar 01, 2019 · This helps cool the light and allows you to pull out the fixture with water still in the pool. Now that you have the fixture on the deck, you can open it up. You will find one of two types of fixtures.One type has many screws around the back of the fixture rim; the other has one screw that tightens a band clamp that holds the fixture together.. "/>.